Yellow Card Application

Yellow Card

So, you are now in Spain. What else do you need to do? Besides finding a room or flat, getting a SIM and transport card, you may also want to go ahead with your yellow card application.

Yellow Card Application
Just got my yellow card today. It was easy-peasy.

What exactly is a yellow card?

Yellow Card” is what we commonly call the registration of Filipinos in Spain. It’s called a yellow card because of the color of the card, as in the photo above.

Why do we need to go through the yellow card application?

I’ve asked the Philippine Embassy this exact same question since it wasn’t really on the list of requirements. However, upon receiving their response I believe everyone should get it. Here are the reasons, verbatim:

  • It is a compliance to PH government regulation for registration of overseas Filipinos. Certain government offices, such as the Commission on Overseas Filipinos (CFO) require that those who underwent seminar with them register with the nearest embassy upon their arrival abroad. 
  • It is for your consular protection. The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations allows all country-signatories for the protection of their citizens abroad. Should you get in trouble with authorities, you have the option to inform your consulate and request for action. The embassy’s number is in the card. 
  • For those who came here illegally, they have to establish the year they entered Spain to be given the Arraigo Social. Arraigo social is some sort of an amnesty for foreigners who have been living in Spain without proper documentation for the past three years. The yellow card establishes the date you registered with the embassy.
  • The yellow card is a requirement for Conscripción Consular. Conscripción Consular is a requirement for naturalization, obtaining Spanish citizenship.
  • The information becomes part of our database which will help us locate you or other Filipinos who might be in trouble. 

Okay, got it. So, how do I get it?

First, you need to make an appointment at the Consulate near you. The Philippine Embassy based in Madrid has a consular section, but you don’t need to go all the way to Madrid just for the yellow card. You can get it from the following places:

  • BARCELONA – Jurisdiction: Barcelona, Lérida, Gerona, Tarragona, Huesca, Teruel & Zaragoza
  • BILBAO – Jurisdiction: Pais Vasco, Cantabria, La Rioja, Navarra, Burgos & Palencia
  • LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA – Jurisdiction: Las Palmas, Alegranza, La Graciosa, Isla de Lobos y Fuerteventura
  • MÁLAGA – Jurisdiction: Malaga, Almería, Granada, Jaén & Murcia
  • SEVILLA – Jurisdiction: Sevilla, Córdoba, Huelva, Jerez dela Frontera & Badajoz
  • VALENCIA – Jurisdiction: Provinces of Valencia, Castellón, Alicante & Albacete

If you are in Madrid, you make the appointment through their online booking system. If you are outside of Madrid, you can simply call the Consulate and they will share with your their availability. The directory can be found here.

After making an appointment, gather the following documents:

  • Current empadronamiento
  • 2 passport-size photos with white background
  • Passport and a photocopy of the information page
  • You can also download, print, and fill out the registration form here, but the Consulate should be able to provide one for you, too.

Once you have gathered your documents, go to your appointment. Fill out the form, confirm the details on the card are correct, sign and put your right thumbprint the card, then that’s it! If you are outside of Madrid you can get your card on the same day. Madrid requires a weeklong wait time. The yellow card is valid for two years.

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  1. Russel
    July 14, 2021

    Hello ma’am if the yellow card expired in two years do I need to renew again?Do I need to put the photo and thumbmark in the form before I go to the appointment?thank you very much.

    1. chmntr1
      July 14, 2021

      Hello, Russel. Yes, you have to renew and present the same docs. You will take the photo and do the fingerprinting at the appointment.


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