TIE Renewal Process

TIE Renewal Process

Wherever you are in Spain, once your TIE (tarjeta de identidad de extranjero) expires and you want to stay in Spain and avoid requesting for a new visa, you need to renew your TIE. This blog post will help you understand the TIE renewal process as an auxiliar de conversación.


  1. Prórroga de estancia: This is what you should process 2 months before the expiration of your TIE, or within 90 days after its expiration. This is what you need to do if you don’t want to go through getting a new visa in the Philippines (think new medical certificate, apostille appointments, etc.). You should have already done the prórroga before applying for an autorización de regreso.
  2. Toma de huellas: Once you receive the resuelto favorable, you can now make an appointment for the new TIE card.

There is a “Step 1.5”, which is the regreso.

TIE renewal process

Who should do this?

Those who plan to renew as an aux and don’t want to go through the hassle of getting a new student visa in the Philippines again

When should I process this?

You can prepare the documents now, but you cannot submit your papers without your new carta de nombramiento.
You need to submit these requirements before you can apply for an autorización de regreso if you are traveling outside Spain in the summer.

What documents do I need?

STEP 1: For the Prórroga de Estancia, you need the following documents:

  • EX-00: You can already fill it out online or have it handwritten. Either way, you need to make 2 copies
  • Passport: photocopy of info page, and photocopy of visa page. Some sources say you need to photocopy all pages, so check with your region/comunidad
  • TIE: original, front and back photocopy
  • 2019 Carta de Nombramiento: first carta
  • 2020 Carta de Nombramiento: carta from your new school
  • Modelo 790 – Código 052: tax form. You can even save €17,15 already, which is the cost for the prórroga processing (as of 2020). Tick the box for option 1.3.
  • Health insurance: This requirement may not be mandatory, so check with your region’s groups. It’s better to get it since you never know what’s going to happen with COVID in Spain.
  • Certificado de Aprovechamiento: This is a document signed and sealed by your school that proves that you have completed your tasks as an auxiliar for the year. You can get the template here. You need 2 if you are assigned in two schools.
  • Certificado de Antecedentes Penales: This proves that you don’t have any criminal record in the past few months since you were in Spain. This may be optional, but as you know, I want to cover all bases and submit everything that I can, so I added this, too.

Once you have gathered these documents, you can now send them to the extranjeria of your new region (if you are switching regions), or new province (if you are staying in the same region but switching schools and placed in a new province). This year there were a few ways to submit the documents:

  • In-person, through an extranejería. Make sure to book an appointment!
  • Through your nearest Correos.
  • Through the Certificado Digital.

STEP 1.5: For the Autorización de Regreso, you need to submit the following:

  • EX-13 form: bring a copy
  • EX-00 form stamped by the Registro: bring a copy. This form is essential because it proves that your prórroga is in process.
  • Passport: bring a copy of the information page
  • TIE card: bring a copy of the front and back
  • Documentation of your flights: this varies per region
  • Paid TASA form 790-012: this varies per region

STEP 2: Toma de Huellas

Once you have received the resuelto favorable (approval) for your prórroga, then it’s time to make the appointment for the toma de huellas. The process is the same as the initial process that you did before your student visa expired.

Here are the links to the government forms for the TIE renewal process:

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