Pay Tasa Through an ATM

Pay tasa through an ATM

With COVID-19, banks have gotten stricter when it comes to their transactions. Some banks don’t entertain customers without a cita previa (appointment). If you’d rather avoid calling for an appointment to pay for your 790 tasa, then another option for you is to pay it through a bank’s ATM.

In a similar post I have shared my experience paying my tasa through a Bankia ATM, but as of 2021 the steps may not be applicable, because Bankia has merged with CaixaBank. Thankfully, former Bankia ATMs, now under Caixa, have instructions how to go about the payment.

I did try paying my prórroga de estancia tasa through a Bankia-Caixa ATM, but I received an error message, saying “Lamentamos no poder atenderle en estos momentos“. This was the case after trying five (yes, five) ATMs and going to two different branches.

Thankfully there was another bank nearby, an original CaixaBank. And I finished it in no time!

Here are the steps, plus some screenshots, so you really know what you’re doing.

1. Make sure you have filled out, downloaded, and printed the form of the tasa you are paying.

You can view the list of forms here. And make sure that it’s the right tasa!

2. Bring your ATM card.

At least, in my experience with CaixaBank, they only accepted payments through an ATM. So, cash payments weren’t allowed. It was the same with the old Bankia ATMs.

3. Look for an ATM that has the bills payment functionality.

Not all ATMs are created equal. Some are only for cash deposits and withdrawals, while others can be used for contactless transactions and bills payment. Usually, these ATMs are bigger and have a “lector” where you can scan your tasa’s barcode.

4. Insert your ATM.

It’s okay if you don’t understand Spanish. Some ATMs have the corresponding translations or photos.

Pay Tasa through an ATM

5. Choose a language.

I wanted to practice my Spanish, so I chose “Castellano”. Other available languages are Catalan, Basque, Galician, Valencia, English, Mandarin, French, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Italian, Dutch, Swedish and Russian. There were two others, but my hands covered them, heh heh.

Pay Tasa through an ATM

6. Choose “Pagos, impuestos y devoluciones”.

It means payments, taxes and returns.

Pay Tasa through an ATM

7. Enter your ATM pin then click “Continuar”.

The ATM has a keypad that you can use to enter your PIN.

Pay Tasa through an ATM

8. On the next page, select “Agencia Tributaria Modelo 790”.

Choose this option since your prórroga de estancia needs a Modelo 790 Código 052.

Pay Tasa through an ATM

9. On the next screen, enter the amount, justificante, and your NIE. Then, click “Continuar”.

As of 2021, the fee for the prórroga application is €17,32. For an autorización de regreso, it’s €10,61. It’s costs €15,92 to apply for the TIE for the first time, and €19,11 for renewing an expired TIE.

For the justificante, it’s the 13-digit code above the barcode. When you enter the justificante, make sure to include the 790 at the beginning of the code. Then, next to the NIF/CIF/otros, enter your NIE.

Pay Tasa through an ATM

10. Review the details you entered.

Once you click Continuar on the previous page, it will direct you to the next page where you can review the details that you entered. Make sure to double-check the amount, justificante, and NIE. Don’t worry if you don’t have your full name on the details. I spoke with a Caixa manager, and he said that as long as the NIE is there, then it’s all good. If you need to change anything, choose “Corregir”.

Once you are sure of the details, click “Confirmar pago“.

Pay Tasa through an ATM

11. Wait as the ATM prints the document.

It will take less than 30 seconds, and the screen will show you this. Make sure you get two pieces of paper.

Pay Tasa through an ATM

12. Take out the receipts.

You will get one or two, based on the bank that you used. For CaixaBank, I received two printouts with the same info.

Keep these tickets! They are the equivalent of the stamp that the bank puts on the third page of your tasa form. You need this for your prórroga, regreso, or toma de huellas appointment. Without this, you will be shooed away and will have to pay again.

13. Click “Salir” if you aren’t going to pay any other tasa.

Choose Otro pago if you are going to pay another tasa, or Otra operación to go back to the main menu.

14. Finally, take out your card.

Yes, it’s still there. Don’t forget to retrieve it!

I hope this post on how to pay tasa through an ATM has helped ease your anxieties about paying fees. Remember, not all ATMs have this option. Santander does not offer it. So far, I know that CaixaBank and Sabadell allow anyone to pay their tasa in select ATMs. You don’t even need to have an account with these banks– I used my N26. CM

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