Ministry Auxiliar de Conversacion Program 2021

Ministry Auxiliar de Conversación Program 2021

Hi! I hate to be the bearer of sad new, but the Spanish Ministry Auxiliar de Conversacion Program 2021-2022 has made some changes to the application process. See below screenshot grabbed from the Ministry’s website:

Ministry Auxiliar de Conversacion Program 2021

Here’s the translation from Google Translate (sorry my Spanish is still mal):

IMPORTANT: The deadline to request an interview through collaborating institutions (partner schools) has ended.

Due to the large number of applications in the first phase, there are no interview places left for phase 2, for Filipino candidates who wish to apply for a conversation assistant position in Spain for the 2021-2022 academic year. Phase 2 will not open for this call.

This means that the Office of the Education Adviser in the Philippines has already filled its intended slots for Filipinos for next year’s batch of language assistants. Unlike our North American language assistant counterparts, Filipinos vetted by the Ministry are limited to about 200 or 300 per year.

So, if you are:

1. Not from the following partner schools:

  • Ateneo de Manila
  • University of Santo Tomas
  • University of the Philippines Diliman
  • De La Salle University
  • DeLa Salle – College of St. Benilde
  • West Visayas State University
  • Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan,

2. From any of the partner schools but have missed their own deadline,

… then better luck next year. 🙁

As the word gets out, more and more Filipinos are interested in coming to Spain as language assistants, so it’s unfortunate that some aspirants have to wait longer to make their plans happen. Stay tuned for more updates about the Ministry Auxiliar de Conversacion Program 2021.


  1. Maria
    December 19, 2020

    Hi, is there a specific institution where we should get the CEFR certification/assessment?

    1. chmntr1
      December 20, 2020

      Hi, Maria.

      What do you need it for? The Ministry has not specified any institution for the CEFR test (which is also not required unless they have updated the list of requirements).

  2. Bev
    December 23, 2020

    Hello! I was not from any of the partner schools but I was endorsed by my language school. i just started studying Spanish 2 months ago.. Anyway, I got a slot and passed the interview. Ms. Sandra told me that profex will start accepting application from Jan 27 however, my TOR wouldn’t be released until Feb 20. Can I still submit the other documents on Jan 27 or should I wait and submit all of them once my requirements are complete?

    1. chmntr1
      December 30, 2020

      Hi, Bev– either choice is fine. For Option 1, there is an “Annexo” on Profex that lets you upload documents at a later date. Profex will be open to registrations until April 6, anyway.

      1. Justin
        January 9, 2021

        Anybody here from Xavier University?
        I was looking for a groupchat for XU aspiring Auxies. By the way, I’ll have my interview with Ms. Sandra next week. Wish me luck! Thanks ❤

    2. joy venezuela
      February 7, 2021

      Which language school are you from?

      1. chmntr1
        February 7, 2021

        I’m not from any language school. I’m from UP Diliman.

      2. chmntr1
        June 28, 2021

        Just realized that your comment is for Bev. My apologies.

    3. Jay
      June 26, 2021

      Hi, Bev.
      May I ask which language school are you from?

  3. Julianne
    January 23, 2021


    I heard COVID’s getting worse and worse in Spain. I’ve been monitoring since I’m going to be an incoming Aux. Just wondering, do you think they’ll be cancelling the program for 2021-2022? Or will there even be classes still?

    1. chmntr1
      January 24, 2021

      Hi, Julianne! Applications open next week, and at this point there’s been no news of the program being cancelled. What we do at the moment is still each in-person or online; it’s up to the schools and the autonomous community.

  4. Maria
    April 4, 2021

    Hi! I’m planning to go to madrid next Jan 2022 for the program. Would you know if there are still slots open? Also, where can we get a CEFR?

    1. chmntr1
      April 5, 2021

      Hello, Maria. The Ministry program starts in October only. You can check with BEDA if they accept applicants for the January intake.

      As for the CEFR, check this website:

  5. Kyla
    October 19, 2021

    Hello, may I have your thoughts about the UCETAM program?

    1. chmntr1
      October 23, 2021

      Hi, Kyla! I haven’t applied through UCETAM but their placements are through public schools, but their hours are longer than the Ministry’s. You also have to do some lesson planning and will be more hands-on to the students. I suggest checking the website and the Facebook groups for other people’s experiences. But if you simply want to know if UCETAM is legit, then yes, it is.

      1. Kyla
        October 24, 2021

        Thank you so much for responding.


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