How to Pay Your Tasa through an ATM

How to pay tasa through an ATM

Missed the business hours of your nearest bank and have an appointment that requires you to pay a tasa? Fret not, because here is a guide on how to pay your tasa through an ATM!

A number of appointments in government offices in Spain require the payment of a tasa or a fee. Some of these appointments include getting your TIE for the first time, TIE renewal (prórroga de estancia and toma de huellas), and requesting for the certificado de antecedentes penales.

I paid over-the-counter at a bank for my first TIE last year. I just filled out the form online, printed it, and went to a bank. The same process applies for all other appointments.

This year I had to get a certificado de antecedentes penales, which is the equivalent of our NBI Clearance. But I’ve missed the banks’ business hours, and my appointment was on a Saturday. (IMPORTANT! All banks here close at 2PM on weekdays and are closed on weekends. It’s not like in the Philippines where BDOs inside malls, for example, are open even on Sundays.) So I had to find a way to pay my tasa or cancel my appointment. I didn’t want to do the latter because it’s hard to get another appointment. This is where paying through the ATM comes in.

Note that not all ATMs provide this service. I checked eight ATMs in my area, and none of them had the option. (Actually, one had, but this service was unavailable at the time. Tough luck!) Thankfully, the ninth bank had this service!

You first need to fill out and print the tasa form for the certificado de antecedentes penales, then find a bank that accepts tasa payments. Here’s how I paid my tasa through a Bankia ATM.

1. Choose “Operaciones sin tarjeta ni libreta“.

How to Pay Your Tasa through an ATM

2. Choose “Recibos e impuestos”.

How to Pay Your Tasa through an ATM

3. Choose “Agencia Tributaria”.

How to Pay Your Tasa through an ATM

4. The next page says the machine does not accept 200- and 500-euro bills. Tap “Sí” to continue.

5. “¿Tiene su recibo código de barras?” Tap “No” if your tasa form does not have a bar code.

How to Pay Your Tasa through an ATM

6. “Teclee modelo del recibo”: Write 790 then press “Continuar”.

How to Pay Your Tasa through an ATM

7. “Teclee Importe”: Enter the amount from the numeric keypad then click “Continuar”.

How to Pay Your Tasa through an ATM
The amount is found on the lower right-hand side of the form. Fees vary per form.

8. “Teclee Justificante”: Type the 13-digit number that starts with 790 found on your form, then select Continuar.

Every form downloaded has a unique justificante.

9. “Seleccione Tipo de persona”: Choose “PARTICULAR”.

10. “Teclee NIF/CIF/TR:” Type X000001R to use your passport as your identification. Those are five zeros. Click “Continuar” when done.

11. “Teclee Nombre/Razón Social”: Type in your first/given name then tap “Continuar”.

12. “Teclee Primer Apellido”: Type your last name/surname, then select “Continuar”.

13. “Teclee Segundo Apellido”: Filipinos don’t have a second surname (that is not your middle name), so tap on the period (.), then click “Continuar”.

14. Review the items you entered. You can edit your entries by selecting “Modificar datos”. Once you are sure they are correct, select “Continuar”.

15. Insert your note into the slot labeled “Ingresos”.

16. The screen will identify the type of note you have entered. Make sure you insert your note fast because there is a time limit! If you are too slow, the machine will cancel your transaction and you have to start over.

17. Take out your change from the slot that says “Recogida de monedas”.

The machine will print your receipt only after you have taken out your change.

18. Take your receipt from the slot under the screen.

There you have it! Guard your receipt with your life!

I hope this post on how to pay your tasa through an ATM has helped ease your anxieties about paying fees. Remember, not all ATMs have this option. Santander does not offer it. So far, I know that Bankia, CaixaBank and Sabadell allow anyone to pay their tasa in select ATMs. You don’t even need to have an account with these banks. This is one less thing to worry about as an auxiliar de conversación in Spain. CM


  1. Wege
    August 18, 2020

    Hey, this is great information. Just one question:
    How do you know to use X000001R as the NIE number for passport?

    1. CM
      August 19, 2020

      Hey! I’m glad you found this helpful.
      Bankia handed out a paper that explains the process of paying through an ATM.

  2. Shelly
    September 14, 2020

    Hi CM! Is this antecedentes penales also required for incoming auxies? Or is our apostilled NBI clearance enough? (since you mentioned it’s equivalent to our NBI clearance). Gracias de antemano

  3. Greg
    September 17, 2020

    This guide saved me from turning grey trying to pay this! Thank you so much.

    1. chmntr1
      September 23, 2020

      Happy to hear that, Greg! 🙂


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