How to Make a Prórroga Appointment

how to make a prórroga appointment

One of our previous posts talked about Prórroga de Estancia as one of the steps in your TIE renewal. This post focuses on how to make a prórroga appointment at an extranjería (immigration office).

how to make a prórroga appointment
Photo: Tolentino Abogados

If you loved your first (or second, third, etc) year in Spain and would like to stay longer, then you must do it the legal way. If you stayed more than 6 months, you probably got the TIE, which stands for tarjeta de identidad de extranjero. As an auxiliar de conversación, our TIEs expire on the day of the last month of the program (30 June for the Community of Madrid, and 31 May for the rest of the autonomous communities).

The great news is that you can start processing your TIE renewal 60 days before its expiration. If you are unable to do it then, you have 90 days from your TIE’s expiration to process the renewal. One of the things you need to do is to submit your documents in person at an extranjería, whether you are staying in the same region or not.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the extranjería requires all activities to be done with an appointment (called a cita). Here is how:

1. Go to the Extranjería’s website.

Access the website through this link.

2. Under “ÁMBITOS DISPONIBLES”, choose the region where you intend to submit your documents from.

If you are switching regions but are still staying in your previous school year’s region, then choose where you are right now.


how to make a prórroga appointment
Under “Aceptar” and “Volver” are a few reminders, such as to be early, to bring your own pen, masks and gloves. It also says that they will only attend to the person whose name appears on the appointment, and to bring your original TIE or passport.

2. Just click “ENTRAR” on the next page.

How to Make a Prórroga Appointment

3. Enter your detail

Type your NIE or Passport number, your first and last name, and answer the captcha. Once done, click “VERIFICAR,” then “ACEPTAR”.

how to make a prórroga appointment

4. Click “SOLICITAR CITA” on the next page.

This page confirms your full name and the identification number your wrote on the previous page.

5. Choose the extranjería closest to you.

There may be just one option, so select it, then click “SIGUIENTE”.

how to make a prórroga appointment
I took this screenshot when I was trying for Madrid, so the extranjería shown here is the one in Madrid. In the province of Valencia, the address INFORMACION Y REGISTRO SUBDELEGACIÓN, Joaquin Ballester (39) will appear.

6. Enter the details required.

These include: your Spanish phone number and your email. You must reenter your email next to “Repita e-mail”. You cannot copy/paste it, sorry.

At the bottom on “Motivo o tipo de solicitud de la cita”, you can write “Renovación – auxiliar de conversación”. Once done, click “Siguiente”.

how to make a prórroga appointment

7. Select your preferred schedule.

The page will show three options, which are usually the first available dates and times. In some provinces, there is a drop-down menu that allows you to filter the search for your schedule, like from 8:00am, etc. Choose your preferred schedule and click “Siguiente”.

You have 5 minutes to complete this page. Otherwise, clicking “Siguente” will redirect you to a page that says your session has expired.

For very busy provinces like Madrid, you might get a page that says there are no available appointments. You just have to try again…and again.

8. Click “OK” when the popup appears.

It’s just asking you if you are sure about the schedule you have chosen. After clicking “OK“, click “Siguiente“.

9. Review your information and confirm the appointment.

Make sure that your information is correct. Tick the two small boxes. The first one confirms the information, and the other box confirms that you would like to get the appointment confirmation on your email.

If all is well, click “CONFIRMAR“.

10. Congrats! Your appointment is confirmed.

The next page will tell you that it’s the end of the process. It will show you the numero de justificante (confirmation number) of your appointment. You also have the option to print that page, which you need to show during your appointment (it is required to have a printout of the confirmation).

The numero de justificante is an alphanumeric combination, with capital letters and random numbers.

The system will also automatically send you the confirmation to the email address you wrote on the appointment. You can print that out instead of this page, if you want.

Thanks for showing how to make a prórroga appointment! But what if I have to cancel my appointment?

No worries. Just follow Steps 1 to 3, and on Step 4, choose “Anular Cita”.

The next page will show you your ID number. Below it, enter the numero de justificante/appointment confirmation number. Then, click “Consultar“.

If you have forgotten your appointment number, look for it in the email that you used to make the appointment. If it’s not there, the webpage says that you have to call the extranjería to retrieve your appointment number. You may also cancel the appointment while you’re on the phone with them.

Review the details, and tick the small box that says you are authorizing the cancellation of the appointment.

There you go! You have successfully cancelled your appointment. The next page will confirm that.

Just click “Aceptar” and close the page.

Wait! What’s this I hear that you can submit your documents through Correos? Do I need an appointment for that?

Whoo-hoo! This year you can submit your renewal requirements at your friendly neighborhood Correos! The best part is, there is no appointment required!
Photo: ABC

Good news! Due to the Extranjería drowning in appointment requests, they allow people to submit their documents through any Correos– and there is no need for an appointment! Just make sure you have all the documents you need, including the paid tasa and your new carta. You should also know where your documents should go.

Yes, that’s very important.

As mentioned above, if you are switching regions, you are able to submit your renewal documents from your current region. But make sure that your EX-00 form has the address of the extranjería of your new school’s province.

There are two options at Correos.

1. Correo Administrativo

In this option, the staff at Correos will mail your documents and put it in an envelope (you can bring your own). Bring your documents (make sure that you have two copies of the EX-00) and address it to the extranjería of your new school’s province.

2. Registro Electrónico

In this option, the staff at Correos will scan your documents and send it to the extranjería where you addressed your documents. There is a code that is needed for this (for Madrid it is EA0040721; not sure if it’s the same for the rest of the regions).

In either option, make sure that you ask for the stamp or sticker on one of your EX-00s, which is your personal copy. The stamp proves that you have started with your TIE renewal. You need to have this if you need to get an autorización de regreso.

Also note that unlike the in-person submission at an extranjería, the services at Correos come with a fee. According to some auxiliares, it ranges from €4 to €10, depending on your location and the weight of your documents.

What Happened at My Appointment

I made an appointment for my prórroga de estancia for 3 July at 8:30AM. In retrospect, I recommend booking the earliest that you can, because it saves you so much time. The extranjería was just about to open when I arrived. They set up a table by one of the doors, called the names of the people on the list they printed out, and asked them to come in one by one.

Before entering the facility the staff asked me to empty my pockets and cart my belongings through a scanner. Then security told me to choose “REGISTRO” on the device that gives you a number. I first went to Mesa 2, which was written on my printed cita, but the staff redirected me to Mesa 7, and the lady there processed my papers. I was in and out in about 10 minutes. At the time I didn’t have my insurance policy yet, so the lady gave me a form to fill out that I had to bring with me once I had my policy on hand. She then stamped my number.

I came back four days later, on 7 July, with my printed insurance policy. I showed the stamped paper to the staff at the entrance and they let me in (thank goodness I didn’t need another appointment!). Since my Spanish is still bad (lol), I didn’t understand that the number was only valid for the day that was stamped, so it was only valid for 3 July. She tried to explain to me that it was not valid anymore and I apologized, but she was kind enough to process my papers again. She printed another sticker on the other form that she gave me, and that was it.

One week from my initial appointment on 3 July, I was RESUELTO-FAVORABLE! It didn’t appear in the system until 14 July, but that was enough to let me jump up and down for about 3 seconds.

This is where you can check your prórroga application status. Just enter the details as stated.

Do you have any questions about how to make a prórroga appointment? Ask them below! CM


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  2. Shelly
    April 5, 2021

    Hi CM. Do you think it’s necessary to go to the Extranjería of my region of assignment? I’m assigned to in Madrid but planning to go to Barcelona as soon as the school ends. The fact that papers can be submitted via Correos, I assume it’s okay to submit them wherever you are. Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. chmntr1
      April 5, 2021

      Hey, Shelly. No, you don’t need to be at your new extranjería to submit your renewal papers. You have two options: 1) send them from an extranjería in Madrid and tell them to send your papers to Barcelona, and; 2) send via Correos. Just make sure that in whichever option you choose, you will get some sort of resguardo/proof that you have submitted your papers (such as a stamp on your EX form), and remember the date when you submitted your papers.

      I’ve heard of some issues with the latter (the resuelto taking months, no update on the status of renewal application), so in my case, I submitted my renewal papers by going to my new extranjería, just to be sure that I know it’s there.

      1. Shelly
        April 6, 2021

        I see. Thanks CM, you’re the best! Actually, I’m not really transferring to a new region. I’ll still renew in the same region (i.e. Comunidad de Madrid). It’s just that my coordinator allowed me to advance my vacation and will stay in Barcelona from June to September (that is, COVID situation-permitting of course). I’m just wondering if throughout the renewal process I have to stay put in my region of assignment. Any advice?

        1. chmntr1
          April 6, 2021

          Ah. You can do the first option that I mentioned above, or if you have a certificado digital, you can submit your prórroga docs from there, too. I highly advise that you get your certificado digital while your TIE is still valid.

          1. Shelly
            April 8, 2021

            Thanks CM! I will!

  3. Jax
    May 25, 2021

    Do we need the paper saying RESUELTO-FAVORABLE (I assume this will be mailed to us) for my toma de huellas appointment? Or will a screenshot of the it in the website suffice?

    Also, what if I don’t have an empadronamiento yet for the new province that I’m assigned to?

    1. chmntr1
      May 26, 2021

      Hi, Jax. Whether the screenshot will suffice or you need the official letter depends on the province where you are going to do your toma de huellas. Some places accept just the screenshot, while others don’t. You need to check with your province or comunidad.

      To answer your second question: some people get away with not having the empadronamiento, while others are rejected and asked to go back when they have it. It depends on the person who’s processing your appointment at the time. Others were also told to bring the empadronamiento when it’s time to pick up the card. If you want to be on the safe side, get a digital certificate now while your TIE is not yet expired, and request the empadronamiento online.

  4. Shambhavi
    October 13, 2021

    Hey girl!

    I checked my prórroga de estancia status and it’s written EN TRÁMITE since 8th September 2021. Nothing has changed and I haven’t received any letter on my address from Extranjería. I have sent them a mail and I’m waiting for their response. Should I be worried about the situation?

    1. chmntr1
      October 15, 2021

      Hi, Shambhavi! Since it’s been over a month, I reckon it won’t hurt to be more aggressive by sending a follow-up email or calling them. I don’t know where you’re at, but also ask help from the consejería de educación of your comunidad autónoma. Suerte!


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