How to Fill Out the Tasa 012

how to fill out the tasa 012

Both first-timers and renewal auxiliares need to have the TIE — tarjeta de identidad de extranjeros. This card serves as your “national ID” while in Spain and may be used to travel within the Schengen Area. Read on to know how to fill out the Tasa 012, which is one of the requirements for your appointment.

Let’s review the requirements for the TIE’s toma de huellas (fingerprint-taking) appointment:

  1. A printed confirmation of your appointment (cita previa).
  2. EX-17 form: 2 copies of the first two pages.
  3. Paid “Tasa modelo 790 Código 012“: The fee for obtaining your identity card. You must have already paid it before coming to your appointment.
  4. New carta de nombramiento: For the current/incoming school year.
  5. Certificado de empadronamiento: If you are living in a new address, then you need a new empadronamiento. You can use the old empadronamiento if your address is the same. To be safe, make sure that it’s downloaded within three months of your appointment (as was the case when you submitted your visa requirements back in the Philippines). The empadronamiento is tricky. Some, especially the first-timers, get away with not having it, while others are explicitly asked for it. So, as always, be on the safe side.
  6. New passport-size photo: also known as foto carnet in Spanish. Remember that it should not be the same photo as your old TIE if you’re a renewal. It says so on the website.
  7. Passport: Bring it to your appointment as well as a photocopy of the info page and the pages with stamps.
  8. Old TIE: If renewing. Bring a front and back photocopy, too. If you somehow lost it, make sure you have the documentation from the police station that you filed a police report.
  9. Resuelto-favorable: The resolución de concesión. If you’re a renewal, this is the document that you need to get after your prórroga de estancia application. Depending on your province, the official letter mailed to you may be needed, while in some provinces, the screenshot from the website will suffice.

Now, here are the steps on how to fill out the tasa 012:

1. Go to the website where you will fill out the form electronically.

Fill out and download the form here. You cannot print and fill it out later. It must be done on the webpage. Click “Rellenar formulario y descargar“.

How to Fill Out the Tasa 012
The homepage of the link.

2. Fill out your details.

  • NIF/NIE: Write your NIE, which is the seven-digit alphanumeric combination written on your visa. If you don’t have it, you can write your passport in lieu.
  • Apellidos y nombre o razón social: Write your last name and your complete first/given name. No need for commas.
  • Your address: The second row requires the type of road your address is on (e.g. calle, plaza), the name of the street, the street number, floor, and door number or letter. You also need to write your phone number, your city’s or town’s name, the province, and the post/ZIP code.
How to Fill Out the Tasa 012
All items with asterisk (*) are mandatory.

3. Make sure that the tick is on “Principal”.

The next section is called “Autoliquidación“. Tick Principal if you are paying the amount in full.

How to Fill Out the Tasa 012
You don’t need to write the amount next to the euro sign if you chose “Principal”.

If you recently paid the same tasa but paid the incorrect amount, then tick “Complementaria“. You then need to complete the seven-digit code of your justificante, which is at the top of the barcode. Afterwards, write the amount that you previously paid. The form will then indicate the remaining amount that you have to pay. You must include the tasa and the receipt that you previously paid when you come to your toma de huellas appointment.

4. Tick the appopriate box under “Tarjetas de identidad de extranjeros (TIE) y certificados de registro de residentes comunitarios.”

If you’re a first-timer, tick “TIE que documenta la primera concesión de la autorización de residencia temporal, de estancia o para trabajadores transfronterizos.” As of 2021, it costs €15,92.

If you’re a renewal, tick “TIE que documenta la renovación de la autorización de residencia temporal o la prórroga de la estancia o de la autorización para trabajadores transfronterizos.” As of 2021, the fee is €19,11.

How to Fill Out the Tasa 012
I’m a renewal so I chose the second option under this heading.

5. Fill out the “Declarante” section.

  • Localidad: Indicate the town, city, or province.
  • Fecha: Indicate the date. It allows you to change the date, so you can choose to date it closer to your appointment. Remember that the European format of dating is: Date/Month/Year.
How to Fill Out the Tasa 012
You can also just write your province’s or comunidad autónoma’s name.

6. Review “Ingreso”.

Make sure that the amount is accurate for your type of application (new/renewal). Under “Forma de pago”, it’s best to choose “En efectivo” (cash). You will then pay this either through a teller of any bank, or through an ATM.

As of 2021 the amount for the tarjeta for renewals is

“E.C. Adeudo en cuenta” means that they will deduct the amount from your account, that’s why there’s a Código IBAN de la cuenta section just below it. But this option is tricky. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

7. Download the form.

First, fill out the captcha, then click “Descargar empreso rellenado“. It will open up a new tab with your form in PDF. Make sure that the information is correct, then download, print, sign, and pay the fee at the bank nearest you. No need to photocopy this form as this already has copies for you, for the Comisaría, and for the bank (if you are paying through a teller). Just bring all of these to your appointment.

The captcha, of course, always changes. Make sure to follow the formatting. You can then click Descargar to download and print the form. Don’t forget to sign all three pages of the document! The fourth page just has further instructions, so there is no need to print it.

Did you know that you can pay the tasa through an ATM? Read this updated guide.

I hope this post about how to fill out the tasa 012 is helpful! Let me know below if you have more questions. CM

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