How to Fill Out the EX-00 Form

EX-00 Form

This guide will show you how to fill out the EX-00 Form, one of the forms that you need for the whole TIE renewal process. The EX-00 Form is called the Solicitud de autorización de estancia y prórrogas. It has four pages, but you only need to fill out and print the first two.

1. Access the Form.

The EX-00 form may be printed or filled out from this page.

To the not-so-tech savvy: Please do not save this photo. Go to the link above to download the actual form.

2. Fill out the form as follows:

How to Fill out EX-00 Form

NOTE: If you are moving houses or regions and do not have a residential address at the time of your prórroga de estancia application, you can use your new school’s address in lieu. You can also use a friend’s address, but make sure that they are not moving within the next 6 months.

Make sure that you write the street name (Domicilio en España), street number (), and the floor and door numbers (Piso) of your address.

You can Skip Numbers 2 and 3. You only fill out Number 2 if you have a legal representative, and you fill out Number 3 if the address that you wrote in Number 1 is not the same.

Since you are renewing, you shouldn’t tick anything under “Inicial”. Tick “Prórroga“, and then the third item, “Titular de autorización estancia por estudios, intercambio de alumnos, investigación/formación, prácticas laborales o voluntariado (art. 40)”.

For the motivos (reasons), you can simply write “auxiliar de conversación renovación”. If you want to be more specific, you can also write your school’s name.

You may or may not tick the box for No Consiento. When signing Spanish documents, always remember to write down the city where you are assigned, the date, month, year, and your signature.

Under DIRIGIDA, write the address of the extranjería where you are sending your documents. Make sure that it is the right address! This is especially important if you are switching regions and you are sending your documents from your current region’s extranjería to your new region’s.

3. Download and print the form.

After filling out the form, you can either print it directly from the page or download it to be printed later. Make 2 copies. The Extranjería will keep one copy, and they will stamp/place a sticker on the other, which they will return to you. The EX-00 with the sticker is a very important document. You will need it should you wish to request for an autorización de regreso, and when you go to your toma de huellas appointment.

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