Auxiliar de Conversación Renewal Process: A Detailed Guide

Auxiliares de Conversacion Renewal Process: A Detailed Guide

It’s that time of the year!

It might sound crazy but after just four months into our role as auxiliar de conversacion at our respective school/s, we are now happily stressing out again because we are about to start the renewal process! The 2020 application and renewal begin on 30 January and end on 15 April.

Note that:

  • A first renewal is an incoming second-year auxiliar; a second renewal is a third-year auxiliar, and so on. Filipinos are only allowed to be part of the Ministry’s Language Assistants Program for a maximum of three years, so in our case, Filipinos are only allowed a second renewal.
  • The statement that first-year auxiliars have priority is not entirely true. The priority only applies if you: a) are renewing in the same region, and b) submit your application by 9 March. Beyond these dates, you are pretty much another fish in the auxiliar sea.

This post covers the first renewals (like me), but some information may change to suit other renewals. So, let’s get started!

1. Prepare the following documents:

  • Scanned copy of your passport photo page
  • Carta de motivación (Letter of Intent) written in Spanish, not more than 300 words. Some people say that the Ministry doesn’t really check this document, so they just reused the one they uploaded last year, or wrote the letter in English. I say, why don’t you practice your Spanish and write it in Spanish?
  • Informe del centro de destino actual. This document is a general evaluation of your performance so far, and states whether the school is endorsing your renewal. I had a bit of a problem with this because my coordinator did not do this last year and didn’t get any email about what to do with this document, so he consulted the Madrid Consejería first, and he was told to wait for further instructions while they (the Consejería) await the advise of the Ministry. Eventually, someone (not sure whether it was the Consejería or the Ministry) confirmed that it’s a new process, so he is on it as we speak. If you, like me, want to apply on the very first day on the very first minutes of the application start date, other auxiliares advised to upload a blank document first, then add the signed one under the Anexos once the signed Informe is available.

2. Log onto Profex!

Ha, you probably haven’t visited this page since you applied last year. No worries! Just make sure you still remember your username (which is your passport number), and password. If not, update it ASAP!

  • Enter your Usuario and Contraseña, then click Acceder.
USUARIO: Enter your passport number.
CONTRASEÑA: Enter your password

3. Clicking Acceder takes you to a new page. Click “Acceso al trámite“.

4. On the lefthand-side of the screen, find and click “Auxiliares de Conversación” then click “Presentacion solicitudes“.

While it’s in English, DO NOT CLICK “Language Assistants”.

5. Once the application is open, select “2020-Auxiliares de Conversación extranjeros en España/Language Assistants” on the dropdown menu, and click “Renovación solicitud“.

DO NOT CHOOSE THE SECOND 2020 in the dropdown because this is for Spanish nationals wishing to teach Spanish.


This screenshot was from my 2019 application.
The point is for you to choose Renovacion solicitud and not the other buttons.

6. Tick the boxes and upload the corresponding document for each box.

Once you are done ticking and uploading, click SIGUIENTE.

7. Click on the Check icon on the next page.

DO NOT CLICK ON SIGUIENTE! Click on the Check icon first! This is where I got confused and panicked, and resulted in my inscrita in the 500s.

Clicking the Check icon takes you to the page where you can choose your preferred region. Similar to the process last year, indicate which group you prefer (mark them as 1, 2, 3), then select ONLY ONE region per group. Then, click Guardar datos to save your preference.

Bigger boxes: Number your group preference, with 1 being your first choice and 3 your last choice.
Smaller boxes, once you click on it, a check mark will appear. This is your chosen region.
You can only choose one region per group. So, if you chose Madrid, then you cannot choose Comunidad Valenciana.
Don’t be greedy.

After clicking Guardar datos, click on “Volver a la página anterior” to go back to the page that shows España. Click Siguiente.

Now you can click SIGUIENTE!

8. Fill out this form by ticking the boxes and typing the answers. This is also the time when you can be very specific about your placement wishlist. The specific items are posted below.

If it’s your first time as an auxiliar with the Ministry back in 2019, then tick Sí/Yes.
As explained in the previous screenshot, click Primera renovación if you are a first renewal.
Write the name of your school/s, the city and the region. In the case of Madrid city-center, just write Comunidad de Madrid.
If you wish to switch regions like me, tick No.
If you do not wish to stay in your current region, tick the item in F which matches your choice. Remember that Madrid auxiliars can only renew in the same school.
The final item. This is where you get very specific about your preference, and sacrifice your worst enemy in the hopes that the Ministerio will grant your heart’s desire. In my case, I was very specific of my choice in Valencia, because apparently, those auxiliares under the cupo ministerio are not experiencing the months-long payment delays that the auxiliares who receive their stipend from the Comunidad Valenciana are currently facing. Year after year, many people warn those who choose Valencia to bring as much money as they can, and year after year, the auxiliares are still having payment schedule issues. So, really, choose Valencia at your own risk.

9. When you are 101% sure of your answers, click Inscribir Solicitud.

Once you click on Inscribir Solicitud, you cannot make any more changes to your application.

Two warning notes will pop up.

10. Download your application, date and sign it, and send it to the comunidad/junta/xunta where you are renewing.

After clicking OK, you will be directed to the Home page. At the same time, you will receive an email with confirming that you have completed the application, together with your inscrita number. I completed my application less than 30 minutes after it opened and my inscrita was in the 500s! People are excited.

The next step is for you to go click Auxiliares de Conversacion and Presentación solicitudes again in order to download your PDF.

Click on the PDF icon on the Inscrita row to view and save the application to your device.

The final step is for you to send your signed PDF to your new prefered comunidad.

As Filipinos, we need to have our documents mailed AND emailed to the Ministerio and its regional offices.

  • If you are paid by the Ministerio directly, you need to mail and email it to:

Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional
Subdirección General de Cooperación Internacional y Promoción Exterior Educativa
Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación Extranjeros en España
Paseo del Prado, 28, 3ª planta
28014 Madrid
Email address:

  • If you are switching regions, you need to mail the PDF to the same address indicated above, as well as email the PDF to:
  • If you are staying in the same region, you need to mail and email your application to the corresponding region; the addresses are posted below.
  • The Correo costs just around 10 cents!

Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación
Dirección General de Ordenación y Evaluación Educativa– Servicio- Programas Educativos
Calle Juan Antonio de Vizarrón, s/n – Edificio Torretriana
41092 Sevilla

Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación
Departamento de Educación, Cultura y Deporte del Gobierno de Aragón
Dir. Gral. de Innovación, Equidad y Participación
Servicio de Innovación y Participación Educativa
Avda. Ranillas nº 5 D, 3ª planta
50018 Zaragoza

Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación
Consejería de Educación
Dirección General de Ordenación, Evaluación y Equidad Educativa
Servicio de Ordenación Académica y Evaluación Educativa
Plaza de España, 5, 4ª planta
33007 Oviedo

Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación
Consejería de Educación y Universidades
Dirección General de Ordenación, Innovación y Promoción Educativa
Avda. Buenos Aires, 5, 4ª planta – Edif. Tres de Mayo
38071 Sta. Cruz de Tenerife

Castilla-La Mancha
Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación
Dir. Gral. de Inclusión Educativa y Programas
Bulevar del Río Alberche, s/n
45071 Toledo

Castilla y León
Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación
Dirección General de Centros, Planificación y ordenación Educativa
Edificio Emilio Alarcos – Avenida Reyes Católicos, 2
47006 Valladolid

Comunidad Valenciana
Programa de auxiliares de conversación
Conselleria de Educación, Investigación, Cultura y Deporte
Dirección General de Política Educativa
Avda. Campanar, 32
46015 Valencia

Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación
Consejería de Educación y Empleo – Secretaría General de Educación
Servicio de Ordenación Académica y Planificación de Centros Educativos
Edificio III Milenio. Módulo 5 (4ª Planta) – Avda. de Valhondo s/n
06800 Mérida
Email: y

Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación
Dirección Xeral de Educación, Formación Profesional e Innovación Educativa
Consellería de Educación e Ordenación Universitaria
Edificio Administrativo – San Caetano s/n
15781 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)

Islas Baleares
Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación
Consejería de Educación, Universidad e Investigación
Dirección General de Primera Infancia, Innovación y Comunidad Educativa
Servicio de Lenguas Extranjeras y Proyectos Internacionales
Calle Ter, 16, 2.º
07009 Palma

La Rioja
Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación
Centro de Innovación y Formación Educativa (CIFE)
C/ Marqués de Murrieta, 76. Ala Este, planta baja
26071 Logroño

Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación
Consejería de Educación e Investigación
Dirección General de Becas y Ayudas al Estudio
C/ Alcalá, 32 4ª Planta
28014 Madrid

Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación
Consejería de Educación, Juventud y Deportes
Dirección General de Atención a la Diversidad y Calidad Educativa.
Gran Vía Escultor Salzillo, 32
3º Esc. 4ª Planta
30005 Murcia

País Vasco
Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación
Departamento de Educación
C/ Donostia – San Sebastián, nº 1
01010 Vitoria Gasteiz
Emails: y

Final Note

This is probably the longest blog post I have written so far, and I hope that this will help you be less stressed when submitting your application! Remember, the application runs from 30 January to 15 April 2020. Suerte! CM

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