2021 Visa Requirements for Filipino Auxiliares de Conversación

2021 visa requirements for Filipino auxiliares de conversación

From the update shared by the Office of the Education Adviser, here are the 2021 visa requirements for Filipino auxiliares de conversación. Note that this may only apply to Filipino language assistants who applied through the Spanish Ministry of Education’s language assistants program.

On 6 July 2021, the Consejería de Educación en Filipinas posted an updated on their Facebook page. The notice says that language assistants (auxiliares de conversación) applying for their long-stay student visas must now translate their NBI Clearance and Medical Certificate to Spanish after obtaining the The Hague Apostille. This was a directive by the Consulate General of Spain in Manila.

2021 visa requirements for Filipino auxiliares de conversación
Photo: Consejería de Educación en Filipinas Facebook Page

Of course, there was a bit of a shock as 1) the visa applications are underway, and 2) some applicants fear that this just made things more difficult with the COVID situation in the Philippines.

First, let’s review the current visa requirements– at least the ones that I personally submitted during my visa application process:

1. Application for a National Visa Form

  • You need to download the form with 5 pages. The other one with 4 pages is the old version.
  • Fill this out per these instructions, then paste your passport-size photo
  • Make 2 photocopies of all the pages. The Consulate will return two copies to you, which you will then need to bring to claim your passport.

2. Current and Previous Passports

  • Your current passport’s expiration date must be at least 3 months after the last month of the school year of the region of your placementFor example, if your school year ends in June 2022, then your passport should be valid at least until September 2022.
  • Photocopy the data page of your current and previous passports.
  • Photocopy all the pages with Schengen (**NEW**) visas and stamps.
  • They will return your previous passports. They will keep your current passport because this is where they will paste your visa.
  • There is no need to have your photocopies authenticated/Apostilled.

3. Proof of Economic Means

  • My proof of economic means were: bank certificate, passbook, statement of account, and ITR.
  • I presented my personal checking account which I opened in April 2018.
  • My bank could only provide 3 months’ worth of transaction information, so I included my passbook, too.
  • The ITR I had was the Annual ITR (BIR Form 1700), so it was my ITR for 2018.
  • I requested for the bank certification and bank statement 3 working days before my visa appointment.
  • Your bank certification and bank statement should not be older than 2 weeks leading up to your visa appointment.
  • Provide one photocopy of the bank certificate, passbook’s pages with records, statement of accountand each page of your ITR.
  • There is no need to authenticate or Apostille your financial documents.
  • I did not have any sponsors, so I didn’t need to submit other documents. But if you do, then you must submit an affidavit of support from parents or sponsor, proof of their economic means, ITR, bank certifications, etc. and birth certificate of the applicant and the sponsor/s showing their relationship.

4. Carta de Nombramiento

  • This document has my school’s information plus other important details, such as how much I will be receiving from the program, my contact hours at the school, and the duration of the insurance policy that the Ministry provided.
  • Photocopy the carta.
  • No need to authenticate or Apostille your carta de nombramiento (because it’s already in Spanish and it’s already an official Spanish document).

5. University Diploma

  • If you are an undergrad, you will submit your transcript of records (TOR) in lieu.
  • You can also submit both, if you want.
  • Photocopy this, too. And every page of your transcript of records.
  • There is no need to have your diploma Apostilled.

Now, onto the 2021 visa requirements for Filipino auxiliares de conversación.

In addition to the above documents, I also submitted these last two, and now I am going to explain what exactly needs to be done with them as of 2021.

6. NBI Clearance

  • This is your background check proving that you have no misdemeanors or crimes committed in the past.
  • Keep your personal copy as you may need it here if you’re a first-timer.
  • Obtain your NBI Clearance as usual, but make sure that it’s less than 3 months old at the time of your visa appointment. (**NEW** Apparently, in an email, the Consulate said that NBI Clearance is accepted after 6 months of issuance.)
  • Photocopy your NBI Clearance. Do this before your Authentication/Apostille appointment.
  • Authenticate/Get The Hague Apostille for your NBI Clearance. Do this after photocopying your Clearance.
  • Photocopy the Apostille page, too.
  • Have both the NBI Clearance and Apostille translated. *NEW*
  • They will return the original to you because you will need to bring this to Spain.

7. Medical Documents

  • Your medical documents must contain the following: 1) Medical Certificate; 2) the DOH Certificate of Accreditation of the clinic where you had your tests done; 3) Your lab results.
  • Your medical certificate must clearly indicate the nonexistence of diseases that may have a serious effect on public health, according to International Sanitary Regulations of 2005.
  • Make sure that all the documents are less than 3 months old at the time of your visa appointment.
  • Photocopy all of your docuents. Do this before your Authentication/Apostille appointment.
  • Authenticate/Get The Hague Apostille for your NBI Clearance. Do this after photocopying your Clearance.
  • Photocopy the Apostille page, too.
  • Have both the Medical Certificate and the Certificate of Authentication translated. *NEW*

Additional Document

  • You can also provide any proof of your teaching experience, such as a photocopy of your teacher/PRC ID.

Where can I find the translators for my documents?

According to the notice by the Office of the Education Adviser, the translator must be a traductor jurado (sworn translator), someone who has been authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by means of a stamp and signature that certifies the veracity of a foreign document. They also provided a list, updated as of May 2021.

They sworn translator doesn’t have to be in the Philippines. So, if you’re an incoming auxiliar de conversación, you can browse through the list of traductores jurados (from Page 386), and then reach out to them for the price and the turnaround time.

Q: But I’m done with my visa appointment! What’s gonna happen? Will my application be denied?

No worries! According to the incoming auxiliar that shared this update with me (Thanks, Frances!), the Consulate emailed her about this change and she was given some time to submit the required documents.

Q: This is not my first time to apply for a student visa as an auxiliar. Does this apply to me?

Yes, it does. It doesn’t matter how many times you have done this process before. If you decided to get a new visa instead of renewing your TIE in Spain as an auxiliar, then this change applies to you, too.

Q: I’m an incoming auxiliar but not with the Ministry. Does this also apply to me?

As far as I know, this process has already been in place for auxiliares who joined the private programs. Best to confirm with your program administrators, or contact BLS Philippines.

More questions? Post them below! CM


  1. Charmaine

    Hi! I’m an incoming assistant in madrid and quite frankly, I’m a bit afraid they’ll cancel the program because of the delta variant. do you think it’s likely that they will, especially because kids are the most affected by this new variant?

    1. chmntr1

      Hey, Charmaine. I understand your apprehension. I’m not in the position to give a definitive answer, but let’s just wait for further announcements. Last year the program continued, so we can’t really tell what’s going to happen this year.


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